Property Minutes

The Property Committee

Co-op Members who joined up, and those who would like to join, come to the Property Meetings!

Jan 11, 2018

In attendance:

Sandra #36, John #17, Josef #18, Derwyn #38, Betty #4


Paul #11, Scott #20.


  1. #38 requesting funds for lighting purchased for kitchen.   Will reimburse “base” price per co-op rules.
  2. Monthly property meetings still need to take place. Jamie (office) to email co-chairs funds spent.
  3. Program started in September 2017. By mid-October 2017, 81% of remaining budget from last year spent.   December 1st is new fiscal year.
  4. Current work to be done: unit #1 kitchen ceiling to be replaced (leak from bathroom floor) and hot water tank leak; unit #2 attic mechanical valve, kitchen ceiling to be replaced and roofing issue; unit #18 under sink kitchen mould problem, cupboard to be replaced.
  5. Carpet/Flooring requests have all gone to Dawn at COHO.
  6. Need to look into appliances that members purchase on their own (i.e. repair, what happens when they leave, etc).


Next meeting February 15th @ 7pm.

Feb 15 2018

In attendance:

Sandra #36, Joh #17, Josef #18, Derwyn #38, Betty #4



Scott #20

Start: 7:05 PM

End:   7:25 PM


  • New budget – Trees to be trimmed at unit 3 and 5 (along 52A Street). Will get quote for Units 12 & 23 out of next year’s budget.

Annual Inspection is April 10th, 1-3pm. Joh will greet the inspectors (1-3pm). Need 2 BR or 3 BR volunteer.   4 BR will be Unit 13 (Klatt).   Sandra will email Jamie with units to be inspected, Jamie will notify all those units.


Bathrooms to date $20,000 worth of quotes (unit 1 was $5000). Average is $5K for replacement. Some have been left too long; subfloor and drywall need to be replaced. 3 of those quotes all have the kitchen drywall celling sagging. Average bathroom is $2600 to $3000 without aforementioned damage. Repairs have not been approved as our budget is $10,000 per year for bathroom replacement.  We have spent $5000 so far.   Sequence of repairs is the sequence received at COHO.   #2 bathroom is next in line.

  • Waiting to hear from COHO & Jamie the annual plan – next 2 years where we are in terms of appliance replacements, etc., so that we are not overspending but we will max out.  

Co-chairs have had flooring list for 4 years. Orders and units should be should be looked at, not only the ones emailed in.   Needs to be done by shape of flooring.

Carpets – as of Feb 1st we had 15 requests with Delta Carpets providing quote. Waiting to hear back from Delta Carpets.


Sandra to hand over Paint Orders to Betty, Unit 4.

  • Dishwasher unit #2 – new in 2016 (one year warranty).   Second DW in this unit that has malfunctioned, is there an issue? Looking at possibility of extended warranty and what is covered. Cost is approx. $150/unit but who pays – co-op or member? Cost of dishwasher is $650 but with delivery, recycle and hook-up with taxes is $1500.
  • Plan to have electrician come in one day and do all work needed in the co-op to avoid call out fees.



  • Mold in Josef’s unit #18. Had someone come in prior to Christmas but no response.
  • Follow up with unit 2 re mechanical valve issue/attic
  • Work party changed from May 27th to April 28th.
    • Bins, dirt, buy bags, wood, etc for work party – Sandra will hand off this year.

Next meeting is March 15th @ 7pm.  

March 15, 2018

Derwyn #38, Sandra, #36, Paul #11, Betty #4.
Start: 7:07 PM
End: 7:45 PM
1. Work Party April 28 th .
a. Shed organization – Paul #11
b. Sandra #36, will purchase 2 lightweight wheelbarrows.
c. Food for work party, membership will provide morning coffee, muffins, fruit,
lunch: hot dog, salads, beverages etc.

2. Tree budget has been spent (units 3,5 and 23 done) through COHO.
3. 2 bathrooms being done currently (cost $10K total)
4. Flooring update – received half of the quotes from Delta Carpets. Worse will get done
5. $2K worth of fencing purchased. Fence along walkway by Shari Barr’s unit falling down
– Betty #4 will put in work order.

April 12, 2018

Josef, Sandra #36, Scott, Joh, Jayson and Betty #4
Start: 7:05 PM
End: 8:00 PM
1. Spring cleanup Saturday April 28 th , 9 am start.
a. Morning coffee & snacks and lunchtime pizza will be provided by Member
b. Bins to arrive Friday April 20 th . Joh to put out cones and wood on Wednesday.
2. Meetings changing to Tuesdays – May 15, June 12, July 10, August 7 (if needed).
3. Gutters – many units are jam packed with soil and vegetation. Need to source out
gutter company. Scott to provide names of gutter companies to Joh to pass to COHO
for quotes.
4. Annual Inspections – done? Joh to contact Jamie in office.
5. 52A Street fences – spray on stain will be in next years budget.
6. Joh/Sandra to look into lighting budget. To install flush lighting in all carports.
7. Mike Sardine, Property Liaison, arrived at 7:30 asking for clarification for BOD.
a. Chain of command (2 chairs)
b. How work orders are prioritized
c. Budget


May 15, 2018

Derwyn #38, Sandra, #36, Paul #11, Betty #4, Joh, Andy, Josef, Abad, Scott.
Start: 7:15PM
End: 8:15 PM
1. April 22, 2018 minutes were reviewed and accepted.
i. Geoff cleaning gutters, full of vegetation
ii. 52A Street fences, clear stain in summer with sprayer.
iii. Josef priced flush lighting for carports, $50/each. Will forgo at this time.
2. Business Arising
i. Spring cleanup party successful.
3. New Business
i. Property Policies to be worked on and updated – Andy Ibbetson
ii. Asset Management Plan Update – Andy Ibbetson
iii. Spending Policy capped at $500 currently
iv. Home Depot Card Policy: Joh/Sandra will keep card. Will have sign-out sign-in
sheet and give out with PO.
v. Co-op mortgage due 2021. Looked at waiting until 2021 for replacement of
kitchen/bathroom cupboards, flooring etc vs NOW. Co-op is in a good place
financially to apply for loan for above. Present to general membership to vote.
iv. Roles and Responsibilities of Property MEMBERS:
i. Electrical – Josef
ii. Sheds – Paul
iii. Lawn- Mike Sardine & John Fleury
iv. Emergency Key – Unit 1
v. Paint PO’s and minutes – Betty
vi. Work party organization, petty cash – Sandra

June 12, 2018

Attendance: Sandra36, Andy22, Joseph18, Derwyn38, Paul11
Regrets: Jason28, Scott20, Betty4
Joh Trollip resigned as Co-Chair of the Property Committee and gave keys to Sandra.
Discussion regarding the lack of participation at Property Committee meetings included;

  • General apathy by many former property members and the need for improved communication via email and direct phone calls or knocks on doors.
  • Reduced participation will result in Increased Housing Charges to cover the cost of increased property management services.
  • All members are required as part of their occupancy, to actively participate in the Co-op and be part of a committee.
  • Members not active should lose the right to be considered members in good standing and lose rights under the occupancy agreement. – Review by legal
  • Fining members not associated with a committee
  • Slowing progress regarding capital projects … flooring, cabinets, bathroom replacement etc.

Painting of fences along 52A – Work party Sept 15 – Alternative Sept22 if weather bad on 15th – Sandra will buy paint and rollers
Fall Clean Up – Date set – Nov 17th
New Stickers for Garbage / recycling bins
Note to Include in Budget for next year – Cleaning Dryer Vents, Painting Lines on Roadway and parking lot
Request to find out from the board the status on the Asset Management Plan Update
Arrange to have Google Drive, Gmail and Contact Data available to the Property Committee so we can store information in central place and have contact data for all members not currently on a committee.
Property Policies – Discussion regarding other Co-ops policies and the need to update our own – Andy has agreed to take on this task and will come back the committee with some suggested updates to old policies for discussion
Next Property Meeting – July 17 – 7:00 PM Club 39

July 17, 2018


Derwyn #38, Sandra, #36, Paul #11, Andy # 22, Betty #4.

Start: 7:05 PM

End: 7:45 PM

  1. 52A Street Fence Painting. Sandra given PO to pick up 3 gallons of “natural” stain. Benjamin Moore suggested brushes vs rolling on. Sandra to pick up at dollar store. Paint “party” September 15th weather permitting, alternate date September 22nd.  
  2. New stickers on all recycle bins.
  3. Alastair Maxwell setting up google drive for Property Committee.
  4. Budget requested to be sent in no later than July 30th.   Andy to obtain budget from Shari Barr.     Spring/Fall clean up total $6000 (bins, dirt, leaf bags).   Roadway lines and signs every 2 years (put into next years budget).
  5. Uninsured vehicle in carport.   Member sent email.
  6. Unwanted garbage at bin.   Ask Membership to put up notice on board to refrain from placing your unwanted articles in garbage area. Please recycle or take to the dump.
  7. New members unit 28 – Michelle Labelle move in Sept 1st.   Unit 28 moving to unit 32. Pre moveout unit 28 done: has new flooring & carpet, heaters replaced, bathroom functional.
  8. Move out policies to be added:
    1. If member accepts unit with colors other than white, need formal letter for paint to be put back to white when members leave co-op.  
    2. Unit and mailbox keys to be handed in.

*Andy to look into rekeying mailboxes on moveout.


Next meeting September 11th @ 7pm